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Leadership Alumni Needs Your Support

The demographic make-up of Greater Baton Rouge has markedly changed. Therefore, it is important for Leadership Alumni and the Leadership Program to continue its efforts to reach out to recruit individuals who reflect this diversity.

The Group's mission is to support diverse leaders who are committed to improving the quality of life through involvement. Your assistance as a leader in seeking to identify new leaders is more important than ever.

Some of our goals this year are:

  • Expand the Dialogue on Race
  • Increase Leadership Alumni participation
  • Sponsor two Alumni members into the YWCA Dialogue on Race
  • Continue with the growth and maturation of the Annual Golf Tournament, started by the 2007 class.

We hope you will join our organization and help us to make this a better place to live.

Beyond Bricks EBR

Needs Facilitators

Click here to download the Beyond Bricks EBR fact sheet.  For additional information email:  info@beyondbricksbr.com.

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Class Notes

The Leadership Class of 2013 met at the Secretary of State's archives building for the session on city and state government. In photo,  L to R- Lydia Martin, Blue Cross Blue Shield and class member; Kyle Ardoin, Sec. Of State First Asst.; Greg Hanly, Blue Cross Blue Shield of La, the leadership program day sponsor; Anya Glusman, Raising Canes and class member and Jeremy Jenkins, Dow Chemical and class member.  



Upcoming events

06 Mar 2015 7:30 AM • EBR Goodwood Library

"Class of 2014" 



Congratulations to committee co-chairs Brian Ainsworth and Nicole Colvin for leading the outstanding holiday effort reaching out to the staff and students at Park Elementary for the second year at holiday time.  Many of you were so very generous in donating, gathering supplies and in participating yesterday.  The students and staff all seemed very appreciative of  these efforts.  Attached is a photo your  classmates who participated yesterday.

Brian will lead the efforts for the “JA in Day” in the Spring, which was also one of your designated class projects.  I hope many of you will participate on a 2 or 4 hour shift on the designated as many volunteers are needed to make that day truly a success, as the one yesterday was!  Hats off to you for another generous effort.  

Race n' Gravy 2014

This year's Race n' Gravy was a huge success, with groups meeting in nine homes. To see more, click here.

Scenes from our Holiday Party


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